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Seeking the Brighter Paths in Business

“Women tend to build deep and narrow networks and men wide and shallow ones”. – Kelly Hoey

There are still plenty of inhibitions among business women, especially when it comes to networking and building their business. Still, due to their immense determination and work ethic, there are innumerable instances of women entrepreneurs reaching the summit of the corporate world. These business women survived the fiercely competitive world of entrepreneurship by overcoming many challenges. Those successful women entrepreneurs and professionals could not have accomplished the business milestones without building a great network.

Today’s women in business may well be equally resilient and visionary, but a fragile economy, intense competition and stringent regulations are posing challenges to their business’ sustainability and growth. In this scenario, the local Chamber of Commerce could be of great help for women in business networking. Local women entrepreneurs can build a significant network through collaborations and communications.

In the business world, men have long been networking by playing sports or going to lunch or out for a drink. On the other hand, business women individually matched up their male counterparts pretty quickly in terms of individual accomplishments. When it comes to networking with fellow entrepreneurs/professionals, women are still hesitant. Hence, having a common platform like Chamber events helps them to shed their inhibitions, and develop a wide network which could become a great source of new ideas, information, and opportunities. Once the business women take the first step of getting familiar with the other members, they can build an extensive network to reap benefits in the future. Besides, they will also get to know about the new developments in the industry and learn from others’ experiences.

To build a ‘power’ network, women entrepreneurs need to mingle with the other business owners within the same community, and join hands for mutual growth. The local Chamber of Commerce organizes various women’s events and encourages the members to communicate amongst themselves to open up new avenues leading to brighter opportunities.

Let’s see why business networking is important for women. Some of the key reasons are below:

1. For Business Survival and Growth

Regardless of whether you have a start-up business or a reasonably established one, you need working capital for maintaining a business or to expand into other markets. Various events, referrals and business listings provide plenty of opportunities for moving towards that direction.

2. Building Relationships

Success of business hinges on a larger and more diverse network based on cordial business relationships. This process takes considerable time and effort. It’s like nurturing a garden, which needs care and patience for yielding benefits in the future. Though the basic difference is through networking, business women can accelerate their business at a significantly fast pace than the usual way of
doing it.

3. Persistence Pays Off

Besides increasing networks, women entrepreneurs need to do regular follow-up. Networking does not give instant results, rather benefits yield over a period of time. Capitalizing on networking opportunities, supporting one another and adding value to business communications are the key elements to success.

Regular networking events are held by the Chamber of Commerce specifically for women on their entrepreneurial journey. At such events, business women hear the inspirational speakers and they share their own knowledge and innovative ideas. To build a ‘deep’ network, business women need to care more about the people they meet than the business. Focusing on people brings business naturally since supporting one another in good and tough times develops greater bonding.